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Projects Index Page

New Project for Burning Man 2014:

The Exoskeleton Project.

The Solar Panel Project.

The PIP Boy Project.

See the Project Index for a listing of all Project pages within the Wiki.

Xerocraft Projects

Like to Do It Yourself? Interested in engaging with group and individual projects? Believe knowledge should be free? Hackerspaces allow room for groups of individuals to share knowledge, resources and to create awesome things. Tucson's hackerspace is new; your involvement will help it grow. Come and meet others like you, that like to tinker, make, destroy, wonder, reuse, fabricate, share, explore, and have fun.

This is the WIKI for projects, ideas, resources, and collaboration!

Project Pages

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop is repeated on a regular basis since this is one of our more popular workshops. David Lyttle is teaching a "Basics of Arduino" workshop to help folks learn to set up and use the Arduino controller.

Welding Workshop in the special area set up for safe, outside viewing. Welding classes are repeated monthly

Welding Workshop is repeated monthly. Leon and Pablo Sierra built this great welding table with heavy curtains and welding glass viewing windows so spectators can watch the work and then take a turn learning the skills of welding.

Soldering workshop repeated often

Soldering Workshop is one of our most requested classes. Alex Barton is a skilled soldering expert and teaches everything from large components to the miniature SMB chips.

3D Printing We have several 3d printers and are constantly working on techniques to push this new workshop tool to new levels.

Dale got the Aluminum casting furnace perfected so we can run out metal castings.

Aluminum casting is now a reality with the new furnace design and simple sand molds on styrofoam.

Alex the Weaver has been demonstrating and teaching cardweaving, a technique using cards with holes in them to weave complex patterns in ropes, bridles, and other such cordage.

David Lessor's BBQ grill built by cutting and welding up an old metal drum
A group came by to make Pinatas for an event
David Lyttle demonstrated how to extract DNA from Strawberries with kitchen chemicals

Monday Meetings

Meetings are used to organize the activities of Xerocraft, make decisions on policies and procedures and generally, take care of business to keep the rent paid and the doors open. Our Monday evening meetings are hosted at the Xerocraft Makerspace, 101 W. 6th St, Tucson AZ. Our meetings are open to everyone! We use an informal version of formal consensus to make decisions.

We are a Federal 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization.


We welcome a wide range of responsible, creative, supportive and collaborative people to come join our vision of a common Makerspace / Hackerspace / Inventorspace / Creatorspace / Ideaspace.

We are supported by memberships of $50 a month for extended access to our resources and tools, storage space, neat premiums, and the knowledge that you are helping promote the vision of an independent Technology Commons where knowledge is free and experimentation is encouraged. Our *Membership Pageis a good place to look into helping us out.


Tucson's Hackerspace

  • Every Saturday at starting at 12 noon and Thursday evening from 7:00 till 10:00 pm. Calendar

Saturdays and Thursdays are our "open days" with a focus on 'How-To" workshops and help with working on your projects. We encourage new folks to come over during the open days to see what we are doing and how they can contribute their energies and what they can learn or develop.

LED Workshop for Kids 7/27 One of the Xerocrafters went to a local school to show preschoolers how LED lights work! Xerocraft will be putting on LED and basic electronics workshops in the near future. Check back for details.
Ruben's Tube Prototype 9/17 Visualizing audio harmonics in a flame array

Tucson's Hackerspace

  • Recently, we did a soldering workshop and we will have soldering irons and supplies available for learning and demonstrations of the basics at every Saturday work day. We have also had workshops on Arduino, Welding, and Crocheting. We also had a demonstration of a "Ruben's Tube", an interesting and fun pyroacoustic device.

Hackerspace Projects and Resources

  • Xerocraft Resources

The tools of Xerocraft are available for use by all. For some users, we may require training or some demonstration of proficiency in the tool's use due to the potential for extreme harm if misused. The following is a list of tools by project category that we have available. (Note: * is for equipment not kept on site)


10" Table Saw, 12" band saw, 16" scroll saw, 14" wood lathe, 10" radial arm saw, 13" planer, drill press, Hand planes, Sanders, chisels, clamps,


Drill/Mill, Lathe, angle grinders, drills, welders (*), pop riveter, soldering, brazing

Fabric Arts

Sewing Machine, scroll saw, hot glue gun, drill presses, fabric, foam,

Material Stocks

sheet metal in various grades, some nifty nylon tubes, some metal square tube stocks, various computer parts, RF dishes, coax,

New Projects

Past Projects

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Classes - One off classes repeated as requested

  • Project Design - How to get an idea onto paper.
  • Soldering basics - Everything requires wires to be soldered together.
  • Gardening - irrigation basics.. Drip, Automate, fight lime!
  • Basics of Welding - You want the parts to stay together, right?
  • Basic Arduino - How to make the LED blink.
  • Arduino design - What else can an Arduino do?
  • Simple Robots - Logic Switches and Gears.
  • Fabric Design - How to make flat sheets fit curved surfaces.
  • Inventioneering - Figuring out if it can physically work.
  • Prototyping - Getting it through the first three iterations.
  • Costuming - Halloween to Steampunk.
  • Casting Aluminum - using found resources.
  • 3-D Printing - Design to G-code to Print.
  • Lost PLA Casting - 3-D print to metal.
  • Shop tool safety - How to use the various machines correctly.
 Classes will request a $5 donation from non-members and may require 
 materials fees.  The description in the calendar will indicate if 
 additional materials fees are required.

Workshops - Multi-session work periods

  • Building Tube Amps
  • Building High End Stereo Speakers
  • Building a 3D Printer
  • Building a 3D Laser Scanner
= Workshops are by RSVP and will have a cost for materials and facilitators =

Steering Committee

  • Every other Monday at 7pm we meet at Xerocraft Makerspace, 101 W. 6th St.

A group of interested volunteers at Xerocraft have been meeting to work out organizational details and look at the best way to move forward with our Hackerspace model. Our steering committee meetings started in September 2011 and have been on Monday evenings to work on details of moving Xerocraft into a respectable Hackerspace with a regular monthly budget of expenses and income that allows us to approach donors and solicit funds to start new programs and carry out our innovative programs.

For progress reports and updates, go to the Steering Committee page

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