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Part of the Burning Man 2014 Group Projects

Project Leader: Jeremy


I want to build a human-powered exoskeleton based on the design by Skeletonics[1].

Skeletonics Pose.png

The exoskeleton augments and extends human movement using the concept of the Pantograph [2].


For now I want to concentrate on building the lower half of the suit. If that's as far as we get for this rear's Burning Man that's fine with me. I want the suit to be an extension of the human body that allows the wearer to run faster and jump higher. The suit will combine the Skeletonics design with the technology behind jumping stilts:

Flyjumper skyrunner poweriser.jpg

This is an image of the leg mechanism from the BetterMan project that reverse engineered the Skeletonics exoskeleton:


To connect the suit to the hips of the wearer, I want to design a harness based on this design by Bevan Fraser:

Bevan Exo Prop 2.png

My concept sketch combining the Skeletonics leg assembly with jumping stilts for the feet:

Jeremys sketch.jpg

Animated GIFs for Deconstructing the Exoskeleton

Here are some GIFs I made to help with reverse engineering the Skeletonics suit:

Build Phase I

For Phase 1 of the build I want to reconstruct the basic functionality of the Skeletonics's legs. Since this is a test build and not part of the final assembly, it will most likely be made out of wood.

Helpful Links

Original Skeletonics demo video (english version) [3]

BetterMan Exoskeleton (reverse engineering of Skeletonics) [4]

MK3 Powered Jacket [5]

Bevan Fraser's exoskeleton prop [6]

The Stan Winston School builds a Mech for ComicCon based on Skeletonics [7]