Logan lathe

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Checkout/Training Required

You must be checked out or attend an orientation setting before you will be allowed to use the machine. See Mill_and_Lathe_Training for more detail.

Basic Specifications

  • Model: 912
  • S/N: 61822 (Manufactured in 1952)
  • Swing: 11"
  • Space between centers: 36"
  • Collet Capacity: 1" (5C collet with collet adapter installed)
  • Standard Tailstock
  • Spindle Nose: 2.25-8 outside thread
  • Spindle Bore: 1 3/8"
  • Spindle Taper: Proprietary 2 degree from center (0.8381" per foot), Gage line diameter 1.6250"?
  • Collet Adapter: A 5C collet adapter and drawbar is available
  • Tailstock Taper: MT2 (Morse Taper #2)


  • KDK-100 Toolpost holder
  • (3) 1/2" KDK-102 Threading and facing tool holders
  • Misc HSS 1/2 hand ground tools
  • Several 1" square tools that have no mounting system.
  • 5C Collets: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4
  • Live Center for tailstock (MT2)

Operational Status

  • Running well except for lack of power feed. (see notes below)

Current Gear Train:

  • 46 tooth - spindle gear (S1)
  • MISSING - spindle interface idler gear A (S2A) (gear LA-216 aka LP-1034 or 18A-30216)
  • MISSING - spindle interface idler gear B (S2B) (same as above)
  • 16 tooth/MISSING - (G1/S3) - (gear LA-217 aka LP-1035 or 18A-30217)
  • 48 tooth/24 tooth - (G2)
  • 54 tooth/18 tooth - (G3)
  • 72 tooth - acme carriage screw (G4)
  • Gear Interface Notes:
  • Gears denoted as spindle gears will not mesh with the regular spur gears
  • Gearshift switches gears S2A and S2B into S1
  • Geartrain from spindle to acme screw:
  • example gear layout
  • (S1)(S2A or S2B)(S3/G1)(G2)(G3)(G4)
  • (?T)(?T or ?T)(?T/16T)(48T/24T)(54T/18T)(72T)

Electronic lead screw

Too many missing gears makes it less than cost effective to get the manual gear box running, so the next step is to start working on an Electronic Lead Screw. This will use a electric motor and controller to drive the lead screw at a variable speed that can be variably controlled or synchronized with the spindle speed for threading. Lots of possibilities with this idea, and it can probably be implemented pretty cheaply (perhaps financed with the sale of the now unnecessary gears).

Parts Needed

  • 230V 1/2 to 3/4 HP reversible motor (or variable speed reverse DC Motor and controller - like a treadmill motor)
  • Various change gears to drive acme screw for tooling carriage, especially the missing spindle idler gears. without these, no power feed is possible. (or motor and controller to drive leadscrew)
  • Spare parts can still be ordered at a ridiculous price by sending a request to Logan Actuators.
  • Saddle Stop/Dial Indicator stop (Vince will be doing this as a project)
  • Boring bar holder (another Vince project)
  • Parting tool holder (maybe this one too)