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Xerocraft is a member supported Arizona Nonprofit Corporation that depends on members to help maintain and expand our vision. The concept of a Hackerspace is a general workshop with resources to take on any project from simple electrical repair, to complex electronic design and prototyping to machining the gears, casting odd pieces, creating innovative costumes, crafting up art pieces, exploring esoteric arts, and learning cutting edge technologies.


Our basic need to make Xerocraft become self-sustaining is to recruit a number of regular, dues-paying members that feel as strongly as we do about making the Hackerspace concept work in Tucson. We are not a commercial enterprise looking to return a fat profit to some investors. Our goal is to apply dues first to making rent and keeping the doors open, second to the annual expenses of insurance, utilities, etc., and third to supplies, materials and new equipment to meet the needs of our members. We are an all-volunteer operation without any paid staff who are committed to kicking in the minimum necessary to get things going and meet the need in Tucson. As members, we pay $40 per month through any of several on-line payment methods to see to it that we can "make the monthly nut".

Although we are incorporated as an Arizona nonprofit, our federal Tax Exemption for donation purposes has not been completed yet. As such, donation are out of a philanthropic appreciation of the goals of Xerocraft, and not for a Tax Write-off next year. If you are interested in supporting the organization with a cash donation, you can always contribute to our WePay account.

To become a regular, contributing member, come on down, get involved, and fill out a short membership form. We always encourage more members and are hoping to have so many that we have to move to a larger space to accommodate a 24/7 operation with a lot more cool tools and resources.

We are looking forward to your involvement!