Mill and Lathe Training

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Xerocraft has a Bridgeport mill with various bits and Mill Ends. We also have a 31" Logan lathe with various chucks, bits and cutters.

For the purposes of Safety and Liability, all users of this equipment need to go through a training session on the equipment to understand proper use, materials, and safety procedures to have the equipment do what you want it to.


Attendees must wear the appropriate clothing:

  1. Closed toed shoes or boots.
  2. Long hair restrained in such a manner that it can't become entangled in the machine.
  3. No loose garments, such as ties, aprons, anything that could get entangled.
  4. Safety glasses. We do have some available to loan.

Bring pen(cil) and paper so you can take notes!

Training Outlines

These outlines describe what will be covered in each course: