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Physical Requirements

  1. Physically, boxes must be lockable and must enclose the controlled machine's power plug.
  2. The box might have a big red "kill switch."
  3. "Admin" button, "Admin Mode" LED, "RFID Added" LED, "RFID Removed" LED
  4. "Armed" LED, "GO" button.

End-User Functional Requirements

  1. If an authorized RFID is presented or a "Turn Power On" command is received via WiFi (e.g. kiosk or mobile app), a box must become "armed" and turn on the "armed" LED but must not power the machine. There are two reasons for this:
    • The RFID reader might unintentionally read an RFID card.
    • The end-user might be activating the machine from a kiosk that's some distance from the machine.
  2. When the box is "armed", the machine can be powered by hitting the "GO" button. Ensuring that machines are only powered by somebody pressing the "GO" button guards against unintended activation of machines.
  3. A box should (if practical) monitor if the tool is drawing power. If the box is "on" but the tool has not drawn power for X minutes, the box should automatically go into the "off" state. If the tool user is still present, he'd need to reactivate the box with RFID/app/kiosk. Maybe use something like this to monitor current.

RFID Admin Requirements

Robbie gets final say on this point but here's one possible approach:

  1. Each box must store its own list of RFIDs authorized to administer the box.
  2. Each box must store its own list of RFIDs authorized to use the machine
  3. There must be a way to add/remove "authorized user" RFIDs to/from boxes.
    • Press the black "admin" button then swipe an admin's RFID to enter admin mode. If the swiped card is one of the allowed admins, the box enters admin mode and the "admin" LED lights up.
    • When in admin mode, swiping another RFID card will:
      • add it to the box's list if it wasn't already on the list. An "added" LED will blink as feedback to administrator.
      • remove it from the box's list if it was already on the list. A "removed" LED will blink as feedback to the administrator.
    • Press the black button to exit admin mode. The "admin" light goes out when the box leaves admin mode.

WiFi Admin Requirements

  1. Boxes must accept "Turn Power Off" commands over WiFi.
  2. Boxes must accept "Add RFID", "Remove RFID", and "List RFID" commands over WiFi. This is redundant with the physical admin interface described above, but would allow an iOS app, Android app, or kiosk to configure boxes.
  3. Boxes must send "Power Was Turned On" and "Power Was Turned Off" messages to a designated URL whenever it turns power on/off, regardless of whether the power was turned on/off via WiFi, RFID, kill switch.

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