Steering Committee Minutes, 2012-03-26

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Dale Tersey wrote:

Convened at 7:21 after a great dinner by Josh. We initially set out our agenda items for the meeting and did our check-in around the room. Josh agreed to be our facilitator for the meeting.

Lease renewal: Our 6-month lease is up at the end of May and we need to consider the terms of renewal that we are interested in. After an informative discussion we agreed to try to continue in a mode of month to month tenancy with the landlord. If he is insistent on us signing a new six-month lease, the Steering Committee will revisit the issue.

501(c)3 Status: We agreed to devote the 7:00 to 9:00 Steering Committee meeting time on April 2nd to working on the Federal Tax Exempt application. We discussed our improving financial picture and Connor’s pending move into a house. We have an income stream of less than $300 for each of Dec, Jan, and Feb and $380 plus donations for March.

David Lessor’s electric car conversion project: The subject was brought up last week that David would like to buy a car and store it at Xerocraft during conversion to an electric vehicle. After discussion about where, how and how much he would kick in to keep a vehicle in the back yard, we came to consensus about the logistics and a work plan. We agreed to let David store his project car in the back, provide a work plan on the Wiki, and possibly host “Members Only” work days to focus on the car project, for an additional fee of $40 per month

Upcoming Classes Schedule, and Responsible Persons: We agreed that we need to have Responsible People assigned to each Open Hack where we have classes going on. To this end we laid out classes for the month of April with a Responsible Person for training the Classes and another Responsible Person to act as Greeter.

- Date            Instructer                     Class                                    Greeter
- 3/7             David Lesser             Welding                                  Josh
- 3/7             Alex                           Soldering                                 “
- 3/7              Dale                          Aluminum Casting                   “
- 3/14            ------------ OPEN HACK   NO CLASS SCHEDULED
- 3/21           David Lyttle              Arduino                                   Leon
- 3/28           Josh, Lorien Tersey   Gardening                                Dale

No one stepped up to the Public Relations/Media/Press Release Responsible Person role.

- Dale will bring card stock to the Thursday meeting for business cards
- Robbie will print business cards on his color Phaser printer
- Pablo will bring some wire for a 240 volt extension cord
- David Lyttle will enter the current membership applications into a database, Pablo will help.
- Josh will email the business card designs to Robby for printing.
- Dale will mail out copies of the 501c3 application to get the creative juices flowing.
- Connor will open a bank account
- Connor will check with the folks at the ceramic studio about there lease renewal

Agenda Items for next Meeting:

- Planning for a big Second Grand Opening Day
- Repairs and Improvements List
- April is Membership Drive month