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This FDM printer from XYZprinting has a 20 x 20 x 20 cm build volume. It can print only ABS, with 100 to 400 microns resolution. For more information see XYZ Printing (manufacturer's site)


Plug the printer's USB cable into the overhead USB extension cable and plug it into one of the computers along the north wall in Xerocraft's 3D printing area.

Open XYZware or Simplify3D, depending on which cartridge you're using:

With standard cartridge (with serial number on top) use XYZware.

With "hacked" cartridge reloaded by Ella (check for her name on sticker on top) use Simplify3D, which is installed on (at least) the second PC from the left. (Look in Xerocraft's library [bookshelf at the back / west wall of the electronics area] for the white binder labelled Simplify3D Quick Start Guide.)

Cartridge in printer is under the folding top lid.

In software, import an STL file, then choose settings for quality, then click "print."


Add detail, add bed leveling and glue stick instructions, and attach a sign to the XYZ pointing people to instructions on this Wiki.